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Breaking News! Route Change for the 2024 X-Pyr

Published on
22 June 2024

In this edition there has been a rule change to allow the route of the race to be changed. The only reason for this would be if the weather was bad and there was a risk that pilots would have to walk for several days. This situation is bad for the athletes as it is hard on the body, soul-destroying and for the and spectators at home it is extremely boring to watch a small dot moving slowly across the screen. Athletes were consulted about this rule change and the response was very positive.

For this edition of the X-Pyr, the weather looks sufficiently bad at the beginning of the race, to justify invoking this new rule.

What will change? There are three differences:

– TP 3: Boí Taull, radius is now 12 km

– TP 4: Monte Perdido, radius is now 33 km

– TP 5: Pic des Trois Seigneurs, removed!!!

This makes the X in the middle of the route much smaller and the total optimised distance is now 486.9 km, some 80km shorter. The longest leg of the route is now 143.7 km.

The teams have been informed and are busy updating their instruments and plotting a new course. The race starts on Sunday at 10am (CET), come rain or shine!

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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