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Day 1 – Summary

Published on
23 June 2024

Day 1 of the X-Pyr 2024 began with the start at the beach in Hondarribia. 40 teams ran up to the first turn point at Larun. Sadly it was foggy, windy, raining and very cold. It was not flyable, but everyone got there, with Pierre Remy together with Lenart Oblak being the first to sign the board, with a time of 2:38.
After them, Maxime Pinot and Sebastian Weber, 6 minutes later.
All teams, except Johannes Helleland, used the northern rute to climb Larun.

The diference between the first and the last team was 1:50.

All had to walk down and Nicola Heidinger’s illness of the day before meant he could not continue. The rest split north-south, hiking in the rain to try to get into a good flying position for Day 2. Noe Court managed to get a short hop and this put him at the head of the race.

Later, near the end of the day the sun started shining and some well placed pilots managed to get a little air time, for example Lars Meerstetter made the most of the little bit of dry weather of today. Finished the day with a distance of 62.5 km.

Tomorrow looks more promising… it can’t get much worse than today!

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