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Pierre Rémy team – Day 4 – Mauléon barousse – Prat bridge

Published on
30 June 2022

“RockNRoll(a)” Day!  It was rock today!  

A nice climb early in the morning just to remember that we left the “low” Pyrenees for the “High”. Pic du Midi takeoff was “sportive”, a darts tournament and 10 km of asphalt later, Pierre and the team are at the Prat bridge this evening.

  • Pic du midi tags checked  
  • 47 km for 4500 D+ on foot  

Takeoff was complicated at the Pic du Midi… Pierre had to land at Lac d’Oncet, then take off again from Coume Layse for a landing at Payolle. The climb to the Col d’Aspin was done on foot for a last flight to Avajant.  

A physically intense day but the training of the last few months is paying off.  

Tomorrow, the team will attack the massif on the Spanish side on foot. Strength and Robustness guys!

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