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Day 5 Team Rémy

Published on
01 July 2022

Day 5 – Prat Bridge – Sort

 A LEGENDARY day!!! If yesterday was RockNRoll, today is Hellfest!

 Several rooms, several atmospheres!

 Climb in the forest in the mist this morning, blue sky and wind at altitude. Pebbles, lakes, high mountains as we like it!

 Manu’s forecasts announced strong fluxes at altitude and weaker ones in the lower layers.

 The strategic choice was to cross the chain as quickly as possible to position oneself on Castejon, hoping to trace towards the next timepoint… and it was done!

 A real mountain day today and a optimized strategy.

 A big Pull Up for Manu BONTE today, the Evelyne Dhéliat of X-Pyr, the Candeloro of aerology. He is 100% alongside the team since Soulom. 

 Summary of the day:

➡️ TP6 checked

➡️ PETER IS 1ST!!!!!!! 🥳🥳🥳

 As some have told us by message:

         “Today is the X-Pierre ! 😜

 The choice is to optimize a night in the heights tonight.

 Pierre is doing well, and morale is high.

 Strength and Robustness ++ the team!

 We don’t get fired up, we keep the same ones and we start again tomorrow… and the day after tomorrow!

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