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Luis Linde Team – X-Pyr Day 2: Rain and run

Published on
29 June 2022

Two days running in the rain, very hard and with some short flights to advance a few kilometers flying in the French geographical labyrinth, with countless valleys, small mountains, and small roads that connect almost everything, but a bad decision running or planning to another place can make you lose a lot of time or gain many kilometers on your feet.

The tiredness in my legs is already noticeable and an injury that I had in 2016 has also begun to come back. I have no problem climbing the slope but it is very difficult for me to descend it, so these two days I have noticed a lot of the kilometers accumulated.

Today is the third day in which we hope that the weather will be with us and we can make longer flights and to avoid kilometers on foot.

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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