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Meteo Day 6 (28.6.): Southwind, but this time for real

Published on
27 June 2024

With the cut-off low moving slowly into Spain, the southerly flow over all altitudes increases.

Area of Castejon:
During forenoon, conditions are still rather smooth but stable. When thermals start to develop around noon, the south wind will increase and reach around 20-40 km/h at 2500 and 40 to 50 km/h at 3000 MASL. The thermal conditions itself still look rather good with a forecasted cloudbase reaching up to 4000 MASL. Overdevelopments are not that much of a problem anymore, as the clouds are blown quickly into France, there are little to none shower signals in the model data.

Area of Valle Nuria:
The Vallies around Andorra see a similar situation regarding wind and thermals as the central Pyrenees around Castejon. On the ridges in the line of Valle Nuria/Puigmal, the southerly winds will probably stronger, even in lower altitudes. The same is valid for the mountains east of TP5.

While the thermal gradients and climbing rates still look ok, the increasingly southerly wind will complicate things quite a lot, especially at higher flight levels… Forecast for the Catalan Pyrenees by

The flats around Figueres and direction goal will remain tricky. Seabreeze and very stable conditions will make progress by flying difficult. Again, it seems like the southerly winds will overrule the northerly Tramuntana, making for a stiff seabreeze. If there are any thermals at all, they are most likely to be found in the later afternoon.

The last day will unfortunately bring rather bad weather conditions. The early morning will probably still be dry around Castejon and eastwards, but showers and thunderstorms are moving in during the forenoon and spreading towards the east. Around Goal, rain will set in during the afternoon.

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