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Meteo Day 7 (28.6.): A finish in rain

Published on
28 June 2024

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

The cut-off low west of Spain, that was dominant during the last days, gets joined by another trough and sweeps over the Pyrenees.

The morning is already cloudy, showers and possibly violent thunderstorms move in quickly from the Ebro Valley. The most intense precipitations and stormcells move away to the north in the afternoon, but further showers are still likely. However, some flyable windows, probably even with local, low-based thermals are possible in the second half of the day. Winds turn from south to westerly directions.

The passage of the cut-off is associated with a rather active cold front, leading to widespread and intense storms. Forecasted precipitation-rates for Saturday 1300 LT, based on AROME-Data from

The early hours of the morning could still offer some windows with sunny spells, however the southwind will probably be too strong for flying. During forenoon, clouds and storms move in from southwest, with the most intense phase around noon.
The second half of the afternoon could again see increasing conditions with sunny spells and thermals – however isolated showers will remain possible until the evening. After the passing of the thunderstorms, winds will turn to west and decrease compared to the morning hours – but probably still keep strengths of 25-35 km/h. In the mountains south of TP5, the wind will remain stronger than north of it.

In the flats of Figueres, the forenoon remains dry, but isolated showers are already possible along the coast. Towards noon, intense and violent showers and storms pass over the area. Once they passed, the sky clears, thermals are possible – but the wind will most likely remain too strong for flying (first westerly, the towards the evening probably a rather rough Tramuntana).

Concluding Remarks:
Big respect to all athletes who are still on the route and keep on pushing in this very difficult weather situation on Saturday!

And of course, congratulations to all the athletes who made already the goal!

I hope that one or the other team could get some insights from this forecasts (despite them being far from perfect) and make some smart decisions thanks to them;
and that one or the other viewer got some additional background about the weatherconditions the team had to face!

Without them, the X-Pyr wouldn't exist.

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