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Route 2022


Radius:10 m.
The flying X-Pyr comes out   After a strenuous 22 km hike and 1000 m of elevation gain, usually in intense heat, teams will have the option to…


Radius:0 m.
Let’s get sand on our feet!   Because the X-Pyr is what it is. We start on the beach, and we finish on the beach again.


Radius:100 m.
One of the most important flying sites in the Pyrenees   Will the teams reach this point flying the north or south side of the Pyrenees?
TP3.Peña Montañesa

Peña Montañesa

Radius:400 m.
The catapult everyone is waiting for to get into the big “X” of the race.   This is not the first time this turnpoint is part of t…


Radius:400 m.
And we are again in France!   Another well know flying spot. This time in the northern border of the Pyrenees. It will open many flying tracks…
TP5_Midi de Bigorre

Midi de Bigorre

Radius:400 m.
One of the most emblematic mountains of the Pyrenees.   The waypoint is placed high. Will see if the weather helps the teams to reach that poi…
TP6_El Corronco

El Corronco

Radius:400 m.
In the middle of the Pyreneean highway   Very close to the forbidden area of Aigüestortes, this point will mark the last long leg of the race.
TP7_Pic dels Moros

Pic dels Moros

Radius:100 m.
Almost there! About 100 km separate this famous flying zone from the desired goal in El Port de la Selva.  
TP8_Santa Helena de Rodes

Santa Helena de Rodes

Radius:10 m.
The end of the race. The most emotional moments of the race are concentrated in this emblematic point. All that remains is the beautiful final glid…
TP9_El Port de la Selva

El Port de la Selva

Radius:0 m.
What a beach! Incredible landscape, and the perfect end for a fantastic race.
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A 605 km race from coast to coast across the Pyrenees. From the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean, in this fifth edition of the X-Pyr.
The teams have to reach the following waypoints:

Hondarribia 0 m     15.1 km   605.5 km
Larun 870 m 10 m 15.1 km 93.9 km 15.1 km 590.4 km
Accous 1204 m 1000 m 93.9 km 83.3 km 109 km 496.5 km
Peña Montañesa 2492 m 1000 m 83.3 km 77.5 km 192.3 km 413.2 km
Arbas 1085 m 1500 m 77.5 km 60.9 km 269.8 km 335.7 km
Midi de Bigorre 2878 m 1000 m 60.9 km 77.1 km 330.7 km 274.8 km
El Corronco 2543 m 1000 m 77.1 km 95.6 km 407.8 km 197.7 km
Pic dels Moros 2072 m 1000 m 95.6 km 98.5 km 503.4 km 102.1 km
Santa Helena de Rodes 538 m 10 m 98.5 km 3.6 km 601.9 km 3.6 km
El Port de la Selva 0 m   3.6 km   605.5 km  

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