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Team Kinga: First Blog!

Published on
17 May 2022

Months before the race, it’s game on. Our small team is scattered in NZ,
US, and CH, resulting in planning meetings at all times of the day… and
night. We are in the “race to prep mode” right now, as all of us prepare to
make our life changes to accommodate such an incredible race. We have been
deep in checklists, maps, previous tracks, spreadsheets, meeting minutes,
and action items; if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it feels like I’m in
corporate, holding a starbucks coffee with some sort of briefcase. Luckily
the gym, hiking, and overall training are preventing that feeling from
being longer than it takes to finish said coffee.

My favorite moment from our last meeting was: “It’s late, let’s get some
dinner and get to sleep,” and Chris immediately chirped up with “Dinner? It
is time to go back to the gym.” The quiet yet resounding “oh” made us all
laugh. Then Ross fell asleep since it was 1am his time while Nino had
breakfast in Switzerland.

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