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X-Pyr 2024 – the route

Published on
27 May 2024

Finally, we are able to publish the route for the forthcoming edition of the race. There are a few exciting features to this route and it will not be an easy edition. For the 2024 X-Pyr, there will be the following turnpoints covering a distance of 592.5 km:

  • Start: Hondarribia
  • TP1: Larun
  • TP2: Val d’Azun
  • TP3: Boí Taull
  • TP4: Monte Perdido
  • TP5: Pic des Trois Seigneurs
  • TP6: Vall de Núria
  • TP7: Santa Helena de Rodes
  • Goal: El Port de la Selva

You can have a look at the route in detail here here.

As in every edition, after leaving the beach at Hondarribia, the athletes need to hike to Larun, a trip of 15 Km (23 km hiking really) with an altitude gain of 870 m. This is the first point where the athletes can take their equipment out of their bags and can finally fly.

From then on it is a back and forth zig-zag between France and Spain. The first long leg (the largest in this edition) is the 122.2 km trek to Val d’Azun. Last time rookie and third-placed pilot Pierre Remy will have a pleasant surprise, the second turn point is in the famous flying area where he lives. From there they go South East into Spain and visit the Parque Nacional de Aigüestortes, the waypoint Boí Taull.  

Crossing back to the west, they go to the edge of the Monte Perdido in the Ordesa National Park. Since flying is restricted there, there is a large cylinder (7 km) around this turnpoint.

From there the race heads North East to the Arriege, Pic des Trois Seigneurs, north of Andorra, which may be the most complicated part of the route.
After this more complications await the teams… they will head to a sign-board, where they have to land (or arrive on foot) – there is no turnpoint radius. The special thing about the Vall de Nuria is that it is in a hanging valley at 1962 m which can only be reached by rack and pin railway. Teams supporters have a free ticket to ride, as there is no access road to the monestary which will be the turnpoint.
From there is is “only” 75 km as the crow flies to the end-of-race point at Santa Helena de Rodes.

Who will get there first? You can see all the competing teams here.

Race start is at 10am on Sunday the 23rd of June, on the beach at Hondarribia. See you there!

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