The pyrenees look exciting!

Maurice Koller


Maurice Koller


  • Nationality
  • Birthday
    August 22, 1997
  • Occupation
    Student CompSci
  • Residence
    Bad Hindelang / Allgäu (Germany)
  • Experience
  • Wing
    OZONE Zeolite S
  • Harness
  • Helmet
    PETZL Scirocco

Marius Wigge


  • Nationality
  • Residence
    Obermaiselstein (Germany)

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What is your greatest sporting success?
Winning Bordairrace Montafon 2019 after running my first 100km through the night

When and why did you start paragliding?

What is your mountaineering experience?
Lot’s of trail running and SkiMo all year round, everywhere in the Alps including a few glaciers.

What does your typical training week consist of?
About 5-6 days of training (trail running, cycling, SkiMo, flying), if possible including some sort of paragliding 😉

What are your best and worst sporting memories?
2019: winning the Bordairrace Montafon flying down to goal after beeing awake for close to 40h and running/walking 100km with my paraglider in a single push through the night.
2021: Badly injuring myself kitesurfing in a storm, but luckily I’m back now! 😁

Why did you choose the X-Pyr?
Because I was looking for a bigger challenge than the Bordairraces and like the format of a much longer race with at least some sleep in between much more. Also The Pyrenees look exciting!

Have you participated in the X-Pyr before? How was it?
Not yet.

Have you flown in the Pyrenees before? What do you think about them?
Not yet but it looks exciting, but difficult at times.

What will your strategy be during the race?
Fly as much as possible obviously. Always try to stay happy and push as much as the conditions allow!

What excites you most about the X-Pyr?
Racing amongst so many legends in a new region.

What scares you the most about the event?
Maybe if it was raining for 10 days straight?

Why will he/she make a good assistant?
Because I’ve been flying with Marius Wigge a lot and we’ve both done the same Bordairraces so we have a good amount of racing experience. Marius is just as good a pilot as me and I’m sure he can make excellent decisions when it comes to weather, take-offs, flying and possible landings so I can focus mostly on racing.

Anything else you like to comment?
Follow me during my preparations and during the race on instagram!


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