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Day 2 – Update

Published on
25 June 2018

Unfortunately we had another pilot withdraw from the race. Francu Claudiu was troubled by an old injury and was unable to continue.

Day two dawned well with a great number of pilots near TP 2. Chrigel, Maxime and Nelson passed the second turn point yesterday, but many were in a good position to pass the turn point in the morning. This being the case, most were up and walking by 6am. The problem was that the wind was north and stronger than forecast, so pilots had to cross the ridge to get to the flyable side. Once there, the launch conditions were not easy. First off was Cyriaque Wagner, the local pilot, followed closely by Eduardo Garza from Mexico. Both got high and started to make their way along the ridges to the south east. The early bird got the worm today and both have passed TP 3.

Once conditions improved, many others launched, but Adian Keller, Lars Budack and Ignacio Aravelo decided to walk along the ridge to a lower point. Having waited for more favourable conditions, they launched about 3pm. After the frustration of waiting, they have flown an absolute stunning flight… Adrian and Lars are currently sixth and seventh place and are currently approaching TP4, chasing Garza and Wagner.

It has been an epic flying day… Chrigel is currently approaching TP 5, having crossed the main spine, with Maxime Pinot hot on his heels. Nelson de Freyman landed in trees unharmed, but this has delayed him, allowing others to catch up.

News from other competitors… Wesley Murch broke a few brake lines this morning which required him to walk down and repair them. Jesse Williams’ spin and hard landing left him bruised but unbroken, both in body and spirit. He flew again yesterday and is on his way to TP3.

We now have 25 pilots past past TP2.

Tomorrow’s forecast is epic. Expect big flights tomorrow. High base, less wind will make for an exciting day! Stay tuned!

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