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  • DAY 6 – UPDATE
    Today Stanislav Mayer arrived at St Helena de Rodes and was able to complete his flydown to the raft with Maxime Pinot. Nelson de Freyman arrived a few hours later. Congratulations to…
  • Day 5 – Update
    Today Maurer won the X-Pyr 2018! He arrived in the morning of day 5, having hiked up to St Helena de Rodes. We broadcasted it on Facebook live and you can replay…
  • Day 4 – Update
    Another exciting day! Maurer had more long flights. After passing TP 6 at Pedraforca the night before, he was poised to pass Canigo (TP7). He did so and flew out to towards goal, but…
  • Day 3 update
    dia 3 xpyr 2018 from X-Pyr on Vimeo. Another action packed day! Some big highs and some lows too. Two pilots have withdrawn - Fons de Loew an Patrick Sieber. In the…
  • Day 2 – Update
    Unfortunately we had another pilot withdraw from the race. Francu Claudiu was troubled by an old injury and was unable to continue. Day two dawned well with a great number of pilots…
  • Day 1 Race Report
    Day-1: Race Report A sunny day greated X-Pyr 4th edition. After the group picture at the beach all pilots took off running to the first turn point, “La Rhune” (900m). This is a…
  • X-Pyr 2018 Route – an analysis by former competitor Greg Hamerton
      This year's route features some tricky sections and many route choices, making this year's race much more tactical than previous editions. In this video former competitor and Flybubble paragliding optimist Greg…

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X-Pyr is an experience of freedom.
One of the toughest adventure races in the world.



We are a few devoted fans of this kind of races who decided to design one for our beloved Pyrenees mountains, our own version of the hardest hike & fly competition.

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