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Update Day 6

Published on
01 July 2022

Withdrawals: Sadly, Xevi Bonet and Sergi Claret have withdrawn from the competition.

The livetracking was out for an hour this evening because of hackers but was restored in time to see the big finish this evening. If you are looking for scores, these can be found on the web site at

Only these are the official scores. The live tracking is not used for official scoring.


This morning we spoke to Team Curran, Patrick Sieber, Keith Paterson, Mikolaj Kocot and Rich Binstead who were all heading up to TP 3 at Peña Montañesa. All were hiking up to get the turn point and then hoped for a good day. Yuji Emoto flew a blinder late in the evening yesterday and made up much ground on the other athletes ahead of him.  He hiked a different way and he and Reta Reiser are leading the pack to TP 4.

For the second day running they were blessed with high skies, lighter winds and good conditions – which to the regular pilot means funky thermals, rough stuff and epic take offs (to quote the pilots).

Greg Hamerton has also progressed and along with Nicholas Hayes and Johannes Helleland – all left TP3 in their wake. David Liano is also close to TP 3.

The top leg of the X seems to have been not easy for almost all the pilots. After a couple of days, Lars Meerstetter made it past TP5. David Corpas and James Elliot are 2km and 6km short respectively and also almost there but Fabian Umbricht, Andreas Viehbock, Logan Walters and Thibault Voglet (who had a broken line, as did Andreas) are along the course line. Cedar Wright whom we met pounding the asphalt yesterday has joined them on the 60.9km leg.

Noe Court and Jordi Vilalta have cracked TP6 at El Corronco and are buzzing along nicely, doubtless grateful for the strongish westerly tailwinds.

Tim Alongi and Simon Oberrauner have tagged TP7 Pic del Moros and Noe Court is on his way there.

But the BIG news is that this morning Pierre Remy was in the lead by about 22km over Maxime Pinot and Chrigel Maurer. They started flying at 8 am – it’s very unusual to have the right conditions so early in the day – and have flown for 11 hours today. It was neck and neck  for much of the day until Maxime Pinot flew to the south of Canigo and looked set to cross the line first. The live tracking went out and we had no idea what was happening until we contacted Chrigel’s team to be told he’d found a thermal and was heading towards ESS at 1500m with a glide angle of 12:1.

Action stations as everyone shot off to St Helena de Rodes to set the scene and to set up cameras and prepare to broadcast live. We can announce that Christian (Chrigel) Maurer is the winner of the X-Pyr 2022!

Tomorrow more arrivals at the Finish!

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