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Day 6 – Summary of the day

Published on
29 June 2024

Today was a day of halves, those at the front mostly walked to goal as the seabreeze acted as a wall to stop any flying in the final section of the race. The heat made the final hike brutal. In the end, nine more teams made the end of the race at Stanta Helena de Rodes. Lars Meerstetter was first. He told the race organisation that he would arrive at 8am, and with impecctable Swiss punctuality, he arrived exactly on time. Although 8am is usually considered a little early for cava, the team definetely deserved it!

He was followed into goal by Morane Montavon, Thomas Friedrich, Noé Court, Davide Sassudelli, Stanislav Mayer, Gabriel Jansen, Sebastian Weber, Jared Scheid and finally, 25 minutes before the end of the day, Austrian Markus Waltl.

After Noé and Tommy’s penalisations the day before, they did really well to arrive so soon. Standa Mayer has now reached goal at every edition he has entered. Gabriel Jansen, who has only been flying for three years, sold his car to fulfil his dream of competing in his race. His team of novices where understandably emotional and celebrated in style.

Some stats on yesterday, the top three for covering distance yesterday were Sebastian Weber (91.9 km) , Florian Serra (97.2 km) and Sebrand Warren (110.2 km). Unfortunately, Sebrand was penalised at the end of the day and has incurred a 14 hour sanction, which will end his race as it is applied at the end of the next rest period and as Saturday is the final race day, he will not be able to continue.

The weather in the centre and back of the race remained challenging, with pilots making little progress.

Adrian Pochiu and Pascal Vallee and still battling forward, Joao Veiga is on the point of reaching TP3, having recovered sufficiently from his incident a couple of days ago. Malo Richard is still in France Spaniards Ingigo Ais and David Ferrer have passed TP 4 and are heading to TP 5 Vall de Nuria.

The teams expected in goal tomorrow (Day 7) are Patrick Harvey-Collard, Friedrich Blosse, Benoit Brunet-Poirier and Lenart Oblak. We will bring you videos of the arrivals s they come.

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